Friday, November 28, 2014

Surfing for God

I was given a copy of "Surfing for God" to check out and I thought it would be a great resource to apply towards my ministry to students and parents. It deals with a topic, porn, that is often too uncomfortable for parents to have a conversation with their students about and our culture has normalized the behavior. Throughout this book it gives practical advice for both individuals struggling with this issue, but also for individuals who are helping loved ones through the struggles.

Throughout the text the author does a fantastic job of being very open and transparent about his struggles throughout his life and how it effected his life, career and relationships. I would highly recommend this book to parents, grandparents, youth workers and anyone else that works with students. I would also recommend this book for anyone who struggles or knows someone who struggles with this topic.

Fantastic read!
* 25% of search engine requests are for pornography – 68 million per day
* 70% of the hits on Internet sex sites occur between 9-5 on business computers
* Over 50 percent of evangelical pastors report they viewed pornography last year
* Over 70% of Christian men report viewing pornography in the last year

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