Wednesday, July 27, 2016


I'm currently sitting on our couch while my oldest is sick and watching Canimals for the 200th time. Minutes ago I hit send on an email to a group of adults in our church that I feel have the potential to help our student ministry take a giant step forward.

I asked each of them to imagine where they were at when they were a teenager to envision how those formative years would have been different if they had a person of influence consistently speaking into their lives. To speak truth into their lives, to hold them accountable for their choices and to be there for them to celebrate and to mourn.

I'm excited about the possibilities of what God could do through these individuals in our ministry. I'm excited to think about students and adults having meaningful discussions about what it would look like to live out the stuff I teach them. I'm excited about our students getting connected and their friends getting connected to our church.

God's positioned us in a great place to do something huge in our community. I can feel God is preparing our student ministry for something...something big.

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