Monday, August 9, 2010

To Save a Life

If you haven't seen the movie "To Save a Life"....go do while you're at it pick up a copy of The "Devo2go" devotoinal...or 10 copies...half that advertisement is for my favorite middle school pastor Brooklyn Lindsey....and the other half is because it is phenomenal.

Anyway...the movie really caused me to think about how I approach ministry. How I often times find myself talking more to the students who are easier to talk to. The students I know I have a lot in common with and that are going to give me a pity laugh when I make a fool out of myself. Let's be honest though and admit that there are students that attend our youth groups throughout this country that aren't going to give you a pity laugh. They're going to make you earn their trust before they let you into their lives. Reading through the New Testament we see that Jesus would go out of His way to talk to the people who were considered the lowest. There are students who show up to youth groups that are there to have someone acknowledge them and no one ever does. When we fail to acknowledge them we're affirming their belief that they're not valuable.

This movie hit me has caused me to want to go out of my way to watch for those students who aren't in the "in-crowd." The students who lay low and don't get involved.

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