Wednesday, October 13, 2010

God's Chisel

Before you read this this video from the Skit Guys

Like in the video, I seem to always ask God to make me more like Him, but the minute He shows up I am surprised and doubt. I make excuses why He can't chisel at a certain area in my life or mold me into the creation He intended for me to be.

I like when he asks God how he knows what to chisel and God responds, "I take out the things that aren't of me." We have held on to the things that separate us from God that it is painful when he starts chiseling. We only want God to chisel in areas that we give Him permission, but it is once we give up control that He is able to mold us into the creation He intended.

Like in the video a lot of us have bought into the lie that we can't be good. God created us to be good. No matter how many times we have failed or messed up God still holds us up. He knows the true us, even when we have forgotten who we really are. God wants us to come to Him where we are. We don't have to try to clean ourselves up because He wants us just as we are. He wants us to grow our relationship with Him and be more like Him and become more like the creation He intended us to be.

Matthew...God's original masterpiece.

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