Thursday, November 18, 2010

“The one with the Ragamuffin”


Above is one of the most powerful books I’ve yet to read…or partially read. I’ve got about halfway through it and keep thinking that I need to slow down and process the material a little better. If you’ve never got a chance to read it, click on the picture of the book and order it from amazon…it’s dirt cheap!

Manning writes,
                 “Sheer scholarship alone cannot reveal to us the gospel of grace. We must never allow the authority of books, institutions, or leaders to replace the authority of knowing Jesus Christ personally and directly.” 

It’s always been a struggle of mine to compare myself to other Christian. Two of my best friends were very active in Bible quizzing. They both memorized tons of scripture and are able to recite large amounts of scripture from memory. I remember sitting in class with them and the professor would reference a Bible verse and I would be looking it up in my Bible and one of them would already be entering into discussion with the professor regarding the scripture. I felt so behind and jealous of what they had in their heads. They’re both amazingly awesome people using their talents to serve the Lord and love on their amazingly awesome little daughter.

Manning’s quote reminds me that knowing Jesus Christ is much different than knowing The Word. I often spend more time upset that I don’t know Scripture as well as those around me or that I can’t recite all the books of the Bible.

My wife and I spent a year a part we would write letters back and forth. We’ve saved a bunch of those letters and will hold on to them for a very long time. It will probably be one of those things that our great great grandchildren will come across and think “MAN! Great great grandpa was one awesome guy!”

Anyway, if someone came across those letters and read what we had said back and forth they would have an idea of who we are, but they wouldn’t know us. Knowing someone is more than just reading and memorizing Words. It hugely helps, but the largest part of growing a relationship is by maintaining conversations and talking to them.

We maintain our relationship with God by talking to Him and keeping the line between us open. My wife and I talked on the phone multiple times a day during the year that we were separated due to college. Understanding the importance of maintaining my wife and I’s relationship while we were apart has helped me to understand the importance of spending time conversing with God in order to grow my relationship with Him.

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