Monday, December 6, 2010

The one from the past

Here is a blog I wrote way back on June 23, 2008...

So this past Saturday was like any ordinary Saturday with the in-laws. We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant and then the usual desert at an ice cream shop just a few miles down the road from the restaurant. We each got the same meals at the restaurant and the same frozen treats at the ice cream shop, but something happened after the ice cream that really caused me to think.
Across from the ice cream shop was a large field with a large Budweiser distribution center having it's grand opening. We saw that they had the Budweiser horses there and having never had the privilege to see these behemoth animals I was interested in stopping. They say they are horses, but to me they were tall enough to be wooly mammoths and their hooves could smash our small Yaris with one step. I stood there amazed at the power that must be in this animal. I imagined these horses, which had clearly seen better days, running in a large field somewhere. Grazing on the open land living in freedom, but then it hit me. I stepped back and took a better look at the surroundings and these monsters they called horses.
They barely had enough room to turn around if they decided they wanted to. All the power that was within them had no where to go and their hopes of running wild had to slowly fade away from them as they realized the only time they would get to run free would be when they walked from their cage to the large truck that hulled them to the next town for them to be shown off. It's like putting a 1969 Ford Mustang in a garage and it just sitting there. When it was designed for power and a purpose, but now it's just flashy and doesn't live out it's purpose.
I've noticed this in my life as there have been things that I have let hold me back. To be completely honest since high school I've had a problem with having confidence in myself. It's been the one thing that's held me back in various aspects of my life. My lack of confidence acts just like the cage holding back the huge animals from living out their purposes. Lately I've been trying to break through the cage and see that I can be set free from it. It's paved with a long road of forgiving those individuals in my life that have done some pretty crappy things to hurt me. One of these days I'll break through the cage and like a horse that has been caged up for a majority of its life...I'll run and never look back.

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