Friday, January 13, 2012

Sky Zone Indy Review

When I saw that Sky Zone Indy was opening in Indianapolis I knew I had to take our youth group as soon as possible before it got too busy. We waited until after the holidays and sure enough..they started having sessions that were sold out.

Sky Zone Indy is located at 10080 East 121st Street in Fishers, IN. It's a great location that is easy to get to from multiple directions.

It is heavily suggested that if you are planning to attend that you purchase your jump passes online in advance (or make reservations through calling them to avoid the online transaction fees).

It is the ideal spot for birthday parties, group outings or a fun family night to reward the kids for a good report card or losing a tooth. Their prices are: 30 minutes for $9, 60 minutes for $13, 90 minutes for $17 or 120 minutes for $20 (prices include shoe rental and sales tax). Our group jumped for 60 minutes and felt that it was an appropriate amount of time. 30 minutes would have been too short, but anything over 60 minutes and we would have been so tired we would have crawled out of the front doors.

We walked in the door and within 5 minutes had our shoes and were ready to jump. To expedite the process it is suggested that you insure that you have all of the waivers signed by a parent/legal guardian in advance. I overheard there are options if an individual doesn't have a form signed by his/her parent, but it is a lot easier for you and for them if you bring the forms signed in advance (if you are going as a family or individuals this wouldn't be an issue unless you're bringing your kid's friends.)

The customer service is definitely top of the line (which is a rarity these days). The employees seemed to enjoy their job and get satisfaction in making sure that everyone had a great (and safe) time.

My only suggestions for the location:

1. Encourage parties to migrate towards the tables to the right to put their shoes on. When we walked in there was a large group of children putting their shoes on in the entryway which made it awkward stepping over 10-15 children.

2. More storage space for putting items while you are jumping.

3. Don't allow all of the dodgeball courts to be reserved. We had a few students disappointed they didn't get to play dodgeball because the courts had been reserved by parties.

4. One word....GROUPON! :-)


This is definitely going to be a huge success. I love the fact that they limit the amount of people who are able to participate so it does not get over ally crowded. Our session was sold out and only a few times did I have any issues with being worried about bumping into someone. Even if you're a parent and not into jumping on a trampoline they make it easy for parents to watch their kids jump. Highly recommend! We will be returning in the future (with more students)!

CLICK HERE for their website

Sky Zone Indy
10080 East 121st Street, #182, Fishers, IN 46037

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