Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Up until recently my life was spent in the middle of town. I remember falling asleep to a room that was only partially dark because of the street lights outside my room. It wasn't until my wife and I moved into a house that is in the middle of no where that I realized how light my bedrooms had always been.

Tonight I stepped out to let our dogs out when I noticed how truly dark it was outside. It is amazing how dark it can get when you get away from street lights and card headlights. I looked up and saw the sky filled with stars and had my breath taken away. The stars look so much more beautiful in the country than in the city.

As I stood there taking in all that I was seeing I couldn't help but feel small. I couldn't help but realize how big our universe truly is and how little I am. When you feel small it makes the stuff that we stress about and the things that make us feel busy...seem so much smaller.

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