Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How long before we're safe?

So I am current sitting waiting for my wife's piano lessons to be done and writing from my blackberry...which means my thumbs will probably be sore when I am done typing this.

Anyway, I drive my wife to her piano lessons because I have nothing else to do since I am trying to find a full-time position and I also enjoy getting to talk with her while we drive places. I am sitting here in this drive way of a gated sub-division outside of Clermont and I noticed something very unusual. I noticed it a few weeks ago, but just now it struck my as interesting.

We moved down here in August of 2008 and only experienced a tropical storm. It wasn't even a bad tropical storm, just lots of rain for 2 straight days. I didn't notice anyone boarding up their houses or anything because it wasn't needed, but here I sit after living here for almost 8 months and I see a house with tape in the shape of X's on their windows.

I understand the point of it is to avoid windows shattering in the event of a hurricane, but really people...there hasn't been a hurricane hit this area for like 3 years. I hope these people sleep soundly at night knowing if the wind speeds get high enough to lift a kite off the ground or to blow a flag in the wind that their windows will remain in one piece.

I laugh, but how many times after a major event in our lives do we keep up our guard and not let people in? I know individuals that were hurt repeatedly decades ago, but still refuse to let others in because they are scared to be hurt again. I don't mean to down-play their emotions or invalidate them in anyway, but I have learned that there comes a time where we must learn to forgive one another. Forgiving one another from the fact that we're all humans and make mistakes. We cannot constantly be meeting someone new or going into a situation thinking negative thoughts.

In reality though the individuals who own the house probably haven't taken the tape down out of sheer laziness and thinking "I will get to it tomorrow..." That's a whole other blog entry for a time when I don't have to type every word with my thumbs. So my sore thumbs and I will continue to wait for my wife to finish becoming Bach or Beethoven.

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