Saturday, January 9, 2010


While millions of people watched the ball drop in Times Square, millions of people were trying to vision what 2010 had in store for them. 2010 will be full of surprises for everyone, many are hoping 2010 will be the year our economy climbs itself out of the toilet or that the government figures out a health care plan that works. Either way this year, like most years, I have set for myself 3 resolutions that I would like to achieve/work on for this coming year.

Resolution #1: Run a Half-Marathon (and 500+ miles for the year)

I have said for the past few years that my goal was to run a 13.1 mile race, not to win (because that will never happen), but to finish. I am also along with this goal stating that I want to run at least 500 miles for the entire year. If I reach for running a half-marathon I should automatically reach the 500+ miles during my training. As this would be my first half-marathon time will not be my focus, but simply crossing the finish line with a sense of accomplishment.

Resolution #2: Cutting back on soda/pop

At one point in my life I absolutely refused to drink soda/pop. There was a stretch of about 2 years where I drank nothing but water or milk and lost a nice chunk of weight. After starting to drink pop/soda again I put the weight back on and it was until my senior year of college that I was able to lose it. Since 2008 I mostly drink either Diet Coke or Coke Zero, but part of me looks at the color of the liquid and states that drinking lots of anything that color cannot be good for you so I have set it as my goal to only drink pop/soda on special occasions such as special meals out or family-get-togethers. Since we're 1000+ miles away from our families the opportunities for me to drink pop/soda will be a very rare occasion.

Resolution #3: Read the entire Bible in a year

Every year I always set this as my goal, but I have yet to achieve it. For the past 6 months or so I have done a lot of reading. I've read several books that are 500+ pages, but never worked through the entire New Testament let alone the entire Bible. I'm telling myself that if I can read through several books with a passion to find out what happens to the characters then I should be able to read through the Bible with just as much dedication and passion.

These are my goals or resolutions for the year 2010. If I could have a 4th resolution it would be to blog more, but we'll see what I can do ;)

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