Sunday, February 28, 2010

I found this annoying...

This yahoo article's title grabbed my attention and so I started reading through it and then got a little confused and wondered if the author was trying to portray the individuals in the story as ghetto or uneducated.

The grieving widow is quoted as saying, "I'm very angry, because I feel they didn't do their job like they supposed to," said Edge, 51. "My man would still be living if they'da did they job like they was supposed to ... They took somebody that I love away."

I know when I was in high school and played baseball and got interviewed there were times where what I said and what was actually printed were a little different. I find this to be somewhat acceptable as long as it is the general idea of what was said. The last thing I wanted to think about after playing baseball was using correct grammar. I feel the author of the article should have taken the liberty to correct the mistakes instead of making it seem like the lady was straight out of a Jay-Z video....I mean seriously...."they'da"?

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