Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cheap food has an expensive price tag!

So after watching Food, Inc. and King Corn I would have to say that both documentaries have caused me to think more about the foods that I eat. The other day my wife and I were at the grocery store and I had noticed that on the shelf there was a tub of guacamole dip that was just a little bit more than the cost of buying an avocado and making guacamole yourself. Anyway we toyed with the idea of purchasing the pre-made dip instead of making our own...until we read the ingredients. I wish I would have taken a picture of the ingredients that were listed on the back of that tub. was a spelling bee champion's worst nightmare. I don't know all of the ingredients that go into making guacamole just because 1. I'm not that crazy about guacamole and 2. I barely ever cook...but I do know that there's only a handful of ingredients that go into making it.

Anyways...where I'm going with this is based off what I've learned from the documentaries..we need to be more aware of what we're putting into our bodies. Both films hit on the fact that our generation is the first generation to EVER have a shorter life expectancies than our parents......I'll pause to let you go back and reread that.....yes.....a shorter life expectancy than our parents. Mainly because the crap we're putting into our bodies is loaded with crap. I mean seriousls...I like...scratch that....LOVE....eating a huge plate of cheese fries from Texas Roadhouse or or eating a bacon burger from Chilis..but at what cost?

One of my new years resolutions for this year was to drink less soda...after hearing in the film how many products are products of corn and how this is believed to be the ingredient that is causing us to have short life expectancies...I'm giving up drinking soda...period...the momentary feeling of my thirst and taste-buds being satisfied are not worth the possibility of it effecting my health down the road.

I'd encourage everyone to check out the movement going on at the Zero Coke Movement. of the things that struck me in both films was that these large corn/meat producers stated that if the American consumers wanted organic food or grass fed cows instead of corn fed cows...they would deliver that product...we hold the power of what we buy at the is time that we be accountable for the crap we're putting into not only our bodies, but the bodies of our children as well.

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