Saturday, April 24, 2010

Taking Risks

I was in college when "Texas Hold'em" became a very popular game. I remember my friends and I playing online for free, but I've never had the guts to play for real money. There's something about the risk of losing actual money as opposed to fake chips, which you can get more of when you run out. I recently realized this is how my faith in God has been sometimes. It is very easy for us to have faith in Him if the risk is small, but the moment we have something to lose is where our faith is tested.

We had made the decision to relocate after feeling as if God was calling us to something more. Jacklynn and I had felt God calling us to find an atmosphere that would promote a lifestyle that frees us up to serve Him and the Church more. We knew this meant leaving the academy and some of the nice benefits we have received here such as: an apartment with no rent, very cheap utilities and access to eating in the dining hall for 3 meals a day if we chose to. I knew in the back of my mind that this decision was just as big of a risk as what we risked when we moved to Florida by leaving our friends and family over 1000 miles away. There were a few times during the 3 months of job searching that I told Jacklynn that it would be much easier and less risky for us to just stay here at the school and to avoid the risk. There were multiple times throughout the process where people would reveal that it was a large risk and we could end up worse than we were before.

When I read this specific opening I knew that God was urging me to apply for the position. I applied and that evening had a response from the church stating that they were interested in me. This was when I could really feel God moving in the entire job search. It took about a week or two before the church called to offer me the position. The day I received the phone call offering me the position we were 6 weeks away from having to move out of our apartment here at the academy. We were 6 weeks away from having no where to live. Jacklynn and I are planners and not having a plan of what we were going to do scared us. It got to the point where I was losing sleep at night worrying about whether or not I would be able to provide a place for my wife and I to live. It was then that God spoke to me while I was studying the Word and it hit me, "You've trusted me this long so why are you doubting now?" After I realized this I knew that God would provide for us...and He has.

I will be the Youth Ministry Assistant at Highland Park Church of the Nazarene. I have the privilege of not only working with two phenomenal youth ministers, but also at a church that fits Jacklynn and I perfectly. I'm looking forward to what God has planned for us and how He is going to use us to help further the Kingdom. Jacklynn still is searching for a job, but I am not worrying because he has provided everything so far so I know He will continue to provide for us. My mind reflects back to the disciples when Jesus came to them and asked them to follow Him. They left everything to follow Him and their lives were never the same.

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  1. Great post!!
    It is hard for me to remember the times I am "all In"
    Glad you are posting again!

    Very proud of you & who you are !!