Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Trash Can

So today was one of the days where I was extremely excited to get out and hit the road for a few miles and then head to the campus weight room to get in some strength training. I hopped on the stationary bike and was listening to some worship music when the whole idea of my sins that I've repented being forgotten, washed away and that God has totally forgot about them. I looked up and saw a trashcan sitting by the water fountain that appeared to have the words "Grace" written on it, but I'm still not sure what it actually said because the marker was very faint. It started me to think about how my sins are like yesterday's trash.

I started to think about how God forgets so easily about our sin, but we always seem to hold onto it and continue to ask for forgiveness from the same sin over and over even though God has already forgiven us. I started to think about how I should treat the sins I repent of like the trash that I threw away yesterday. I don't remember what I threw in the trashcan yesterday and once it is taken out it is completely out of my mind. It may seem odd, but maybe we should look at our repented sin as being the trash that it is an throw it in the trashcan and never think about it again. We can't let it hold us back!

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