Thursday, June 3, 2010

Last Day at After Care

There are some things that you look forward to, but when the moment comes you realize you don't feel how you thought you would feel. Today was one of those moments for me when I walked out of the Lower School for the last time as the "After Care Coordinator." This was my second year of doing the After Care program for the academy and while there have been times where I wanted to pull my hair out, my mind seemed to be remembering all the moments that made the job awesome. The moments where doing a simple card trick made the kids amazed (if any of you kids read this someday...the secret is the bottom card is upside down), where popsicles magically heal scraped up knees and playing Uno 50 times in a row never gets old. Every time a parent arrived to pick up their children I couldn't help but watch them walk away down the hallway and think that this was most likely the last time I would ever see them again. As I walked out the front door and set the security code for the last time, I couldn't help say a pray for the students that God uses them for something huge. Time is going to fly by and the next thing I know I'll see these kids names on billboards running for political offices, advertising their lawyer services and one of them could be cleaning my teeth at the dentist office.

To all the students I was able to get to know: Thank you for all of the memories and the fun times of getting to hang out with you guys. You guys made the last two years of memories something that I will never forget. You've shown me that children still do have imaginations and a mostly sandy playground can be your very own Lucas Oil Stadium or Wrigley Field. You've reminded me how exciting show and tell day use to be.

Most of all though...I thank you for revealing to me what Matthew 18:4 means when it says "Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven."

Thanks for the memories!

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