Monday, July 5, 2010

Ordinary People

This past weekend Pastor Rick filled in for Pastor Brett and I’m going to be honest…he hit a grand-slam. His sermon was a message that we all need to be reminded every once in awhile. I know in my life I always think that God isn’t using me because I’m just an ordinary person. This weekend I was reminded that God used some pretty ordinary people to do some insanely awesome things. The examples were spot on that the people we see as “heroes of the Bible” were all just ordinary people that had faults and short-comings. One example that still sticks out to me now is that of Noah. Rick reminded us that the Bible states that to celebrate after the flood Noah stripped naked and got hammered….I must have been gone that week that was on the flannel board…we don’t remember some of these details because of the way God used these people in huge ways.

Don’t think because you don’t have everything together that God can’t use you…it is the people who fall on their faces and become broken before Him that He uses to further His Kingdom.

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