Tuesday, July 13, 2010

He’s in control…


 I love my job…seriously…I’m pretty sure I have one of the best jobs on the face of the planet. Today I had a meeting with Pastor Rick (our high school pastor) to discuss some of the details of the upcoming back-to-school party (sorry kiddos…summer’s almost over). Anyway, I love getting to meet with the two pastors I work for and today was definitely an awesome conversation.

If you can remember from the last posting, Pastor Rick preached on “heroes of the Bible” on July 4th. It was a great sermon and was very powerful. Today in talking with Pastor Rick he reminded me of one of the points in his sermon that God had revealed to him. He reminded me that he said…

“God grew the tree that Jesus was crucified on.”

I like being a planner and having things organized. I’m the type that likes to think through possibilities and plan so that the worst case scenario doesn’t impact whatever it is I am planning. When Rick said that “God grew the tree that Jesus was crucified on” it made me see God in a whole new perspective. I have always known God knows the hairs on my head and that God is an all-knowing God, but when you know that he rained on the tree and gave it sunlight that caused the tree to grow from a tiny seed to a tree large enough to make a cross…it changes things. It makes me realize that God has a plan and we can count on Him to help us through those times where we are worried, disappointed or hurt. He’s more than enough for us, whether we realize it or not. He’s an incredible and indescribable God that even when we feel like our lives are a complete wreck…He has everything in control.

Maybe the children’s song “He’s got the whole world…in his hands” is more applicable than we often realize…

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