Saturday, August 28, 2010

Blogging to God...

If you're reading obviously know I have a blog that I try to post on a couple of times a week. I'm about to divulge a huge secret though that no one else knows...seriously...I don't even know if my wife is aware. I have another blog.... My other blog is completely dedicated to me writing to God. I fill it with prayers to God and I use it as a journal to pour my heart out. A lot of people think writing a blog is to share your opinions, ideas or daily events with other people, but I've found using it as a prayer journal to be more powerful than anything else. My handwriting is sloppy and my hand starts hurting after writing one complete sentence so typing is definitely the way to go for me.

If you've never kept a journal I'd encourage you to sign-up for a blog and start blogging your prayers.

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  1. And can you keep a blog privately between just yourself and God. You do not have to share it with the internet public? I like the sound of this.