Monday, August 16, 2010

Relationships with women are like...sailboats?

I figured I'd use a catchy illustration from the book to grab your attention...I mean seriously...who could read "Women are like sailboats" and not take the 2 minutes to read this blog to determine if I'm a quack or have a mildly good point that makes you go "hm."
Today I was reading through "How to hit a curve ball..." and I came across a very interesting illustration. The author writes:

"A relationship with a woman is more like sailing a boat than driving a car. In a car, you just fill 'er up with gas, fasten the seat belt, put the pedal to the metal, and make sure you don't wreck. But in sailing, there's so much more to understand. You have to know how to read the wind (where it's coming form, how unpredictable it is, and the invisible power within it); you need to understand your equipment (jib, boom, rudder, spinnaker, etc.); and you have to accept that you only get better with experience. If you don't have a growing knowledge about such things, you will just sit there...or, worse, capsize...or, even worse, drown."

I feel this is an amazing illustration because I, being the guy that I am, thought relationships were easier than they really are. Most of the time us guys act like boneheads and feel that our relationships with our significant other is like a car...not even a manual car, but an automatic. I mean a stick-shift takes a little to get used to, but an automatic is simple. All you have to do is push the gas and hit the break in an automatic. You can drive down the interstate and all you have to do is steer and stay in between the lines. We can go a long ways with a minimal amount of work is required.

In reality though our relationships are more like the sail boat like it says. There are an insane amount of things that you have to be aware of and not only the wind. You have to consider the wind, the waves and then all of the various gear that is required in order to safely sail from one place to the next. Sometimes you get into rough waters and you simply have to hold on to whatever you can and ride through the storm. Other times you can sail through the calmest and smoothest waters and just enjoy the ride and the company that you're with.

Ladies, be patient with us when we forget that our relationships are more like a sailboat than a Ferrari...if we forget too long just grab an ore and whack us upside the head and knock some sense into us!

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