Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Your Bill is Paid - A Story of Grace

This morning I logged into my computer and saw Pastor Rick had posted an awesome new blog regarding paying the tab of a bill of someone who walked out on their check at a restaurant (Check it out). It made me think about an event that happened to my wife and I this past weekend. After church we went to our favorite place for a quick bite...Chili's...I'm pretty sure that the chips and salsa will be served in's somewhere in Scripture.

We sat there enjoy our meal and have a great discussion of some stuff going on in our marriage. It came time for our waitress to bring our check and the waitress looked at us and said "Your check has already been taken care of." My wife and I looked at her like she was speaking a language that is only heard on an island in the South Pacific. We were both a bit confused and she stated that a person from our church sat behind us and offered to pay for our meal, but then another family wanted to pay for their bill so this other family paid for 2 checks that weren't theirs.

It is a great example of grace at work...we deserved to pay the $14 or whatever for our food, but then were told our debt has already been paid. It is the same thing we will hear when we get to Heaven. We have a debt we cannot pay back because God sent His Son to die for us and forgive us for our sins. We don't deserve to be forgiven, but yet He did it anyway. I can't imagine the feeling that we will have when we get to the gates of Heaven and we see "our bill"...and then we're told not to worry because Jesus took care of our check on the cross.

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