Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The One with Six Words

A popular news show does a weekly segment called “Your week in 3 words.” I think it is one of the coolest segments because it shows what people from all over the world are going through. Some celebrate a birth. Some mourning a loss. Some struggling with various issues, but all the stories are told in 3 words. I just finished reading Guerrilla Lovers and seriously…it’s probably the best book I’ve EVER read. I give the link not only so you can see the book and read a little bit about it…but also so you can click “buy” and have it shipped to your house.  Towards the end of the book the author talks about how a book he once read was made up of nothing but people who used 6 words to describe their life. He listed a few humorous ones, but then there were some serious ones as well. I’ve been dragging my feet the past week or so about doing this, but I am going to attempt it now. So here are a few of the “my 6 words” I came up with…

Met. Married Up. Happily Ever After.

Sought Self. Found Him. Radically Changed.

Embarked ONU. Found Friends. Moved Away.


Now reply back with a few of your 6 words…

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