Monday, January 17, 2011

The One with the Cell Phone Bible



Not too long ago I was challenged by Brooklyn to stop reading my Bible.


Yep, she challenged me to stop reading my Bible. I, like many others, have begun reading my Bible solely on my phone. I do my morning devotions on it, I do reading throughout the day on it, and even use it in church to look up scriptures and compare the different versions of the text. In doing so I’ve completely neglected taking my Bible anywhere with me. I leave it sitting on the shelf collecting dust for the simple fact that I have one in my pocket.

She challenged me to instead of relying on my cell phone so much to start carrying my Bible with me to read. To make notes in. To literally study it so much that it gets worn out. That the binding breaks. That there may be a page missing.

She challenged me to make my Bible a part of me. 99% of the time my phone is within a few feet of me. If I realize I don’t know where it is then I freak out. I rush around the house looking for it and if I can’t find it I will enlist the help of my wife.

So far this year I’ve spent more time in the Word than I probably did all of last year. Last year I would make a habit out of settling for having my personal time in the Word the same as preparing for a lesson on Sunday morning or Wednesday night.

I’ve discovered that’s not enough.

So my challenge to you…find your Bible. Fill it up with notes, underlines and highlights. Place post-it notes, index cards and whatever it takes to help you study it. Make it a part of your daily routine. I’m starting to do my devotions before I turn on the news in the morning, go for a run, or do anything else. In those moments before I start my day it helps provide the ONE and ONLY Hope that we can depend on.

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