Sunday, February 6, 2011

The One with Birds of Hope

I have a link above that says "Birds of Hope" but have never really mentioned anything about it and you've probably not noticed it unless you were insanely bored or you accidentally clicked on it. Here's the story of Birds of Hope and after reading may consider wanting to buy a's a great cause!

Last April I started working in the youth ministry department and shortly after I took up the task of organizing the summer mission trips. The students had an amazing time and Brooklyn had nothing but good things to say about Know Sweat. A week or two after returning from the trip a couple of middle school students asked to meet up with Brooklyn and wanted to reveal to her an idea they had had.

Emily had been taught at young age for a craft project to sew these small birds out of fabric and stuff them. They're insanely adorable and make great decorations for just about anywhere. Anyway, her idea was to make a bunch of them and sell them and donate all the $ to the organization, Active Water, that Know Sweat was promoting during the mission trip.

5 months later the girls had sewn hundreds of birds and they hit the $10,000 mark to help Active Water provide clean water for Zambia. It is an honor to serve in a ministry where students get it. It is an honor to watch as God uses two 13/14 year-old girls to build His Kingdom. It touches me to know that our students "get it." That our faith and relationship with Christ isn't about us, but it is about glorifying Him with the gifts and talents He has blessed us with.

If you'd like to learn more about Birds of Hope please click on the link and consider purchasing a bird. They're only $5 and they'll ship them directly to you! They also love to see pics of where the birds have traveled. Rumor has it that a Bird will be landing in Zambia this spring!

Side note...Emily did a fantastic job on making the quilt for our baby (Norah Mae) that is due early June.

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