Sunday, February 6, 2011

The One with the Superbowl

This evening I watched Superbowl 45 with my wife. It was a great game and I'm not going to lie...I'm glad to see the Steelers lose. Anyway, I began to think about what happens after the clock hits 0:00 and the confetti falls. One thing I noticed is that after the initial celebration they begin to present the trophy to the winning team owner. The players from the winning team form a tunnel as the trophy is walked down the middle of the tunnel. The players reach out and touch/rub the trophy as a gentleman holding the trophy walks with it.

I also remember thinking when I saw the winning quarterback being bombarded with pictures, cameras and microphones. For a moment I pictured myself in his shoes and the thought that came to mind was that I would hate to be in that position. I hate crowds. I hate being surrounded by people and not having an easy plan of escape. I arrive early to most events for the simple fact that I hate walking into a room with a crowd already gathered.

When we combine these two ideas it reminds of when Jesus was walking through the crowds and a woman reached out and touched His robe because she knew that she would be healed. I watched as these players reached out to touch the trophy as if the trophy contained magical powers. There were people in the back of the tunnel that weren't as "important" as the players that earned the trophy, but they were fighting to the front just to touch the trophy for a split second.

We all have situations where we need to be healed. Where we need to reach out and touch His robe and be healed by Him. What is stopping you from fighting through the crowd and reaching out and touching Him to be healed? Take the step and reach out for Him!

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