Sunday, February 13, 2011

The One with the Middle School Cooties

Every Sunday morning I lead a service for middle school students called ELEV8. It's a time of discipleship and an opportunity for students to ask tough questions that they're intimidated to ask on Wednesday nights when we have 100+ other middle school students in our service.

I like to stand at the front while the students are coming in and great them and I try to have at least one meaningful conversation with each student either before the service or after. This morning as I stood watching the students take their seats I began to take notice at where they were choosing to sit. I hadn't ever noticed it before, but the girls were all on my left and the guys were all on my right. It looked like Moses had parted the row and separated the boys from the girls.

I began to think about how in elementary school we always had to make sure we had all of our shots....including our cooties shot. I don't know if there's a set expiration date on a cooties shot, but I'm sure it is like milk where it expires the same day that is printed on the carton....any time after that and you're rolling the dice on whether you're going to catch something.

Pastor Rick introduced me to the game "Amoeba Tag" where it starts off like tag, but once you're tagged you join together to get the other remaining people who haven't been tagged. As the game progresses you end up with a huge chain of students who have been tagged trying to get a few students who haven't.

The game is simple...but the lesson it teaches is deep. Jesus commands us in the Great Commission to "Go and Make Disciples." We team up and "tag" those around us. We do whatever it takes to get them into our group. Just like the swine flu, meningitis and all the other horribly contagious is no holds bars.

So who around you can you tag to help join your team to start changing the world?

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