Friday, July 1, 2011

The One Where I Admit My Bible Reading

One of the pastors I work with lets me borrow books off her shelf whenever I need something to read. The book that she let me borrow this week while I'm traveling is Mike Yaconelli's "Getting Fired for the Glory of God." Yaconelli is one of the biggest names in youth ministry and his insights are first-class. In one of his articles that was included in the book convicted me.

He talked about how we as youth pastors often neglect our souls. We neglect our souls by not reading our Bibles. It isn't that we're not spending time in the Bible, but the only time we're spending in the Bible is for lesson plans or sermon prep.

As much as I hate to admit it...I'm guilty of this.

I catch myself only reading the Bible when I'm preparing for a sermon or to get ideas for devotionals/blogs. I buy into the lie that I'm feeding soul while I prepare to feed others. It's a vicious lie that deceives many. We trick ourselves into believing we're fine, but we're really far from where we need to be.

I'm going to be in the Word not simply for sermon prep or blogging, but to connect with the One who called me. Who called me to work with teens and to write. I challenge each of you that read this to look at your lives and examine your time in the Word and pray that God can increase your time of personal soul care.

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  1. Great challenge. We need to be in the Word daily, studying for ourselves and not just for the people we are leading.