Friday, July 22, 2011

Cutting the grass

My wife and I returned from a 10 day vacation back home with our family to find grass/weeds that were about knee-high. I pulled out the lawn mower and started mowing. The grass was incredibly thick and caused the lawn mower to die a couple of times. It took me probably 3 times as long and using twice as much gas. I was a sweaty/exhausted mess when I was done.

Neglecting the yard isn't too big of a deal, but often we neglect our soul without even realizing it.

Our Bible reading is non-existent.

The last time we went to church was Christmas...or was it Easter?


The last time we prayed it was because we had no where else to turn.

When we don't take care of our souls we allow garbage into our lives. We allow the weeds of temptation, jealousy and idolatry to take over the yard of our souls. Before we know it our soul is a mess and we see the amount of work it will take to clean it up and get discouraged.

God wants us to let Him do that work...all He asks is for us to ask Him to do it in us. To ask Him into our souls to make us more like Him.

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  1. If we would just allow God to do the work right away, it wouldn't take as long. But we wait until we're in a big mess, then run to Him for help. Then the clean up takes a lot longer. Good point!