Friday, August 26, 2011

Cutting the Grass

The joke with my mother-in-law has always been that she can tell when I'm at her house because the floors are cleaner than normal. I have a weird thing with floors that I enjoy sweeping them. I'm not sure if it is the fact that I can see the results (a pile of dirt) after I finish or what, but I enjoy it.

The same is true for cutting the grass. This afternoon I walked out my backdoor and after a busy week and a half I had quite the jungle to take care of. I began thinking about a guy I know who cuts lawns on the side for a little bit of extra money. He does a great job of taking care of other people's lawns, but I was told his yard was ridiculous. The grass was badly in need of being cut, but he spent so much of his time working on other people's lawns that he didn't have the time or energy to take care of his own.

I was shocked to hear this and thought how ridiculous it sounded, but today as I was taking care of my grass I realized how I (and countless other youth workers) are no different.

We as youth workers spend so much time preparing lessons, following-up with guests and praying for others....that we forget our own yard. We forget how important it is for us to be consistent with our own personal times with God.

When we neglect our own relationship with is just as ridiculous as the guy who doesn't take care of his own yard, but maintains the lawns of others.

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