Sunday, August 28, 2011

MTV...30 years old?

I was reading an interesting article today from that talked about MTV turning 30 years old. My wife and I don't have cable, but we both remember the impact that MTV had on our lives when we were teenagers. I remember running home from school to catch TRL and see what music videos would be at the top of the list for that day. I also remember watching some of the first reality TV shows ever on TV (Road Rules & Real World).

I've never watched an episode of Jersey Shore (nor do I plan to), but I am aware that MTV has completely changed. I've heard the complaints that they don't even play music videos anymore and so they should change their name. Do we really expect that MTV (who is the pulse of pop culture) is going to remain the same? That what my parents thought was cool when they were teenagers is still going to be cool now? Of course not!

MTV has done an amazing job at taking risks and delivering what is appealing to pop culture. No matter how DUMB "Jersey Shore" is....people watch.

Youth ministry should be no different. The way we minister to teenagers now should be completely different than how we ministered to them 30 years ago.

MTV challenges me to be innovative in youth ministry.

MTV challenges me to know my audience.

MTV challenges me to not be afraid to take chances.

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