Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wunderlist - Why it is an essential app in my ministry

I followed the advice of Brooklyn Lindsey and Warren Davis and jumped on the EVERNOTE bandwagon. I only use the free version right now, but it is definitely a must have to keep ideas and various ministry resources organized. There is a "checklist" function that I have used, but never thought it did the job in terms of keeping a task-list....then I found Wunderlist....

I'm the type of person who loves what I do for a living and will often be sitting on the couch watching a television show and get an idea for an upcoming event. Usually unless I write the idea down I find that I often forget about the idea until during or after the event. Another issue is that I'll make a list and put it on my desk and it either gets lost in the paperwork or it is on my desk at the office when I'm working from home.

Here is how using Wunderlist has made my life easier....and the quality of events I plan better.

Wunderlist allows you to create different "Lists." My current lists are: Church, Personal and Movie Night.

Church - All of my random tasks for my job at the church
Personal - Basically my "honey-do list" or "grocery list"
Movie Night - This is an event I'm planning for in December. I will add tasks as they pop in my head.

One thing that I like about the program is that there is a mobile app as well as a physical website that automatically sync together. I can be sitting on the couch and remember something and grab my phone and add a task to the appropriate list and make sure it gets done when I get to my desk in the morning. On the website it makes it easy to look and see what needs to be done and check off when it is completed.

One issue I ran into with a lot of programs was not being able to share a task list....Wunderlist doesn't fail here. You and partners can work on a project or event together and make sure progress is getting done all while setting deadlines for tasks. 

It's a great and your ministry will benefit from using it. Check it out!

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