Friday, November 25, 2011

Do I know you? That's my King!

Have you ever found yourself in the awkward situation where someone calls you by the wrong name? I don't mean just getting your name mixed up with another person, but where the person genuinely believes your name is something completely different than what it is really is.

I worked as the After School Coordinator for private school. One Friday where one of the parents, that I had known for the entire school year, picked up his daughters and as he was leaving stated, "Have a great weekend Peter!" I remember thinking he must have been talking to someone in the hallway so I didn't think much of it. The next time he picked up his daughters I saw him walk in and he greeted me "Hey Peter! How are you doing?" The thought finally hit me that I was Peter. I was the guy he had said goodbye to a few weeks before. It was weird though because we had seen each other many times throughout the school year. I let it slide though because I thought maybe he was just confused or something....and it seemed every time I saw him he would say "Hey Peter!" Lesson to everyone....unless you're 100% positive...just stick with "Hey Man!"

I mention all of that because Matthew 16:13-20 Jesus is asking who people say He is. There's question as to whether Jesus is who He claims to be...or...if he's some guy named Peter...well not really Peter, but some people though He was just another prophet.

Simon Peter replies, "You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God."

Have you thought about who Jesus is? About who He is and how it impacts our lives?

This video was released a while back, but after reading through this verse today it has a deeper meaning.


Jesus isn't just another guy that walked the earth. He is more than that. He's more than anything we can understand or comprehend.

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