Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

The other day I saw a tweet from Max Lucado that said:

"What if you woke up this morning and had only the things you thanked God for yesterday?"

I used the quote as the main point to a devotional I gave this morning at a community Thanksgiving meal. I challenge you and stop to think about this idea and how it would change our lives if it was true.

For me...I'd learn to be thankful for a lot more. I'd come to realize that God has blessed me way more than I realize.

He's blessed me with:

My wife
My daughter
My family
A bed
A pillow
Electric Shaver
A warmer shower
A nice fuzzy towel
Hair gel
A kitchen with food...even if it is half empty with food that isn't my's better than nothing right?
A couch
A house
Indoor plumbing
Heating/Cooling for our house
Our garage
Our car

The list of ways we're each blessed could go on forever.

My wife and I talked for awhile about this quote as I prepared my devotional. I couldn't get over the fact that if this quote was the way our world would force us to be appreciative. If we weren't appreciative of something then the next day it would be gone. We take so much for granted that eventually we would only be left with the things that we really appreciate.

When we take our focus off what we don't makes it easier for us to focus on how much we've been blessed.

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