Wednesday, January 20, 2010

1 Reason to read Donald Miller

Despite Donald Miller's little trip into the land of "I'm so cool because I sold a bagillion books"...his writing is amazing. I picked up his new book the other day at Barnes & Noble and it was pretty decent, but nothing out of this world. I did come across an article he wrote for RELEVANT Magazine about the whole Pat Robertson/Haiti issue. If you haven't heard what he said look it up on youtube or something because I'm not going to waste my time explaining what some crazy old man said. Anyway, here's the link to the article Donald Miller wrote...

In the article Donald Writes,

"Another truth that gives me a more grounded perspective on Pat Robertson is that he really doesn’t represent most conservatives. I come from a politically and religiously conservative family, and many, many of my friends are very conservative, and all of them would be in shock at Robertson’s statements. The media would have Robertson represent all Christians, or perhaps all conservatives, but the idea is absurd. It’s also important to let people know we think it’s absurd. So here is what the Devil is really going to try to get you to do: Hate other people. Those conservatives, those Christians, those whoever…I think we’d be wise to watch out for that, and stop it at the point where it starts."

The part that I want to hit on is the last sentence. It blows my mind how sneaky and deceptive satan can be. He can use a tragedy, such as the earthquakes in Haiti, to drive a wedge into Christianity. While on the surface millions of people are doing whatever they can to help Haiti and the people of the country, but then under the surface the devil can stick his little deceptive head in and cause us to hate a certain group. There are automatically two sides in this situation with Mr. Robertson...those who agree...and those who don't. The devil will do whatever he can to divide us and we must be aware of that!

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