Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Where'd time go?

Can you believe it is January 20th already? Seems like just yesterday we were clinking our glasses to the start of a new year. The semester is finally in full swing now that every single bed on my dorm floor is full. I'd like to think there isn't room for anymore kids, but in two of the dorms they've turned parts of the recreation areas into dorm rooms. I now have 24 boys from: Africa, China, Taiwan, USA, Korea, Vietnam, Haiti and Italy/Venezuela/USA (the last one is a little confused as to where he's from since his family has moved so much).

Tonight I get to meet with a few of them to talk about the status of their rooms (they're doing a terrible job cleaning them) . I'm not terribly picky on their rooms (probably a little more lenient then I should be, but I don't ask much). My main concerns are that it appears organized with their bed made and floor clean.

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