Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The One with the Resolutions (2011)

Last year I posted in my blog "Resolutions"

Here is my list of resolutions from last year...all of which I failed.

Resolution #1: Run a Half-Marathon (and 500+ miles for the year)
Resolution #2: Cutting back on soda/pop
Resolution #3: Read the entire Bible in a year

Resolutions are pretty much like fingers or toes. Most people have them. Some more than others (shout out to mom). And most people have broken a finger or toe in their lifetime. I make resolutions every year and often don't follow through with all of them 100% the way I wanted to.

This year is like all my previous years of resolutions and below is my list:

Resolution #1: Run 13.1 miles without stopping (not necessarily a race, but just running the half-marathon distance)
Resolution #2: Have an idea for a book proposal
Resolution #3: Invest more time in my blog
Resolution #4: Love my wife and baby girl more than anything else
Resolution #5: Being more intentional about investing my life in the lives of specific students

There's the list....comment with a resolution or two!

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